All stages of the Dukan protein diet - detailed description

This diet works faster than others and is completely safe for the body. Products can be eaten at any time - all of natural origin.

Duncan's diet

The diet is good because you can eat the allowed foods in unlimited quantities. This can help you get rid of the feeling of hunger, which is important for many people. Thanks to the wide range of recommended products, it is quite easy to create a varied and delicious menu.

The only drawback is the high cost of the products offered, although you can choose detailed menus for different segments of the population. It is also possible to lack certain vitamins, but this can easily be eliminated by taking different multivitamins. Results appear literally within the first days. Excess weight disappears quickly as fat is burned and muscle mass remains. Skin, nails and hair are in good condition.


The process of losing weight with this diet includes 4 stages:

  1. "Attack".
  2. "Alternate".
  3. "Shape".
  4. "Stable".

The directly allotted time period for the first three phases depends on how much excess weight you need to lose.

scrambled eggs for dukan diet

Important! In the "attack" phase, you can only eat foods with protein and no other foods. Furthermore, the range will increase. In the second stage, vegetables are added, in the third stage - fruits.

But there are rules that need to be followed in all four stages.

  1. Every day you need to drink about one and a half liters of non-carbonated drinking water, eat up to three tablespoons of oat bran.
  2. You should completely eliminate oil, fat and mayonnaise from your daily menu.
  3. Products need to be boiled, baked, baked or put in a dedicated non-stick coated pan, without adding any oil.
  4. A daily walk in the fresh air is also recommended.


This is the first step in the Dukan Diet. Duration varies from three to ten days. The number of days is determined by the weight you intend to lose. So, for example, to lose about 30 kg for the attack phase, the time should be about ten days. During the attack, the body receives a very large amount of protein, as a result, metabolism is accelerated and fat disappears very quickly.

You can eat: lean beef, skinless chicken, fish, liver, hard-boiled eggs, rabbits, mussels, shrimp, squid, crayfish and fat-free dairy products.

Not allowed to use:

  • herbal products;
  • pork and lamb;
  • sauce, ketchup and mustard.

It is very important during this period not to forget the liquid and to drink it in the right amount.

Eat when you want and no limit on quantity. In the early stages, the patient often feels mild discomfort. In this case, you need to avoid heavy exertion.

foods and dishes for the dukan diet


At this stage, protein products alternate with plant-protein products. The number of alternate days, as well as during the attack phase, depends on the weight shed. In this case, sequencing should not exceed five days with the same amount of protein and the same amount of protein and vegetables. And with so many alternate days, you need to be extremely careful.

Important! Dr. Dukan considers 1: 1 to be the most optimal sequence.

  1. You can't eat potatoes, avocados, corn and all legumes.
  2. It is also forbidden to consume cereals and all grains.

Vegetables should be cooked, grilled or just eaten raw. It is important to note that, unlike protein foods, vegetables can be eaten in limited quantities. Salad dressings should be seasoned with low-fat yogurt or kefir, sometimes with balsamic vinegar.

It's completely normal to lose weight a little bit later than in the early stages, but it's not harmful to the body at all. Such weight loss is safe and stable.


Almost everything is clear from the name of the stage. There is a consolidation of all the results achieved during the diet. Times are easy to calculate for anyone on a diet. For every kilogram lost in the first two stages, ten days of repair are required.

It is permissible to add one fruit per day and a small piece of low-fat cheese to the diet. The importance of this stage can hardly be overestimated, because often during the consolidation phase one regains all the kilos lost in the previous phase. It so happens that, after relaxation, the weight loss returns to their previous eating habits.

The difficult period is when the feeling of constant hunger becomes worse, fatigue increases and more sensitivity to cold appears. But all these symptoms disappear as soon as a person holds out for the allotted time.

Important! Pleasant in the third stage is the presence of two days a week, when you are allowed to eat almost anything you want.

There are some rules that you just need to follow.

  1. It is necessary to calculate the exact duration of the entire merge time. Protein and plant products can be eaten as much as you like in unlimited quantities.
  2. Leave it for one day a week when you only need to eat foods with protein. It is very important to eat previously banned foods in small amounts, get used to this amount and more.
  3. Potatoes and pasta are great for this period, going well with tomatoes and onions.
dukan diet protein food


The body gets used to the new weight, the acclimatization time has passed and stops trying to get back the lost kilos. At this stage, the main thing is to get acquainted with the simple rules of nutrition, which now need to be constantly observed. After all the fad diets, this isn't hard to do.

It's worth deciding a day for protein products. Just choose any day of the week and specify that on this day only protein. Reducing fish and fruit consumption, potatoes are recommended no more than twice a week. Of course, don't forget about sports. It will never be superfluous.

What can you eat?

The doctor has identified one hundred foods that are allowed on the protein diet. It includes 72 protein products containing protein and 28 vegetables with a large amount of carbohydrates. Oat bran is neither one nor the other. But their use is important, according to the doctor.

dukan doctor and weight loss food

From poultry meat, you can eat turkey, guinea fowl, chicken, game, quail and pigeon. The types of fish allowed are also very diverse. Dried fish and smoked fish are perfectly fine.

Seafood allowed: squid, crab, lobster, crab stick, mussels, shrimp, crayfish, lobster, sea urchin and cuttlefish.


  1. Leeks, onions.
  2. Forest mushrooms.
  3. Almost all types of cabbage.
  4. Green beans, spinach.
  5. Celery, sorrel, dill.
  6. Eggplant and carrot.
  7. Tomato, cucumber, zucchini.
  8. Radish, radish.
  9. Beetroot, pumpkin.
  10. Sweet chili, zucchini.

Protein diet according to the Dukan menu for a week. The "attack" phase

  1. 1 day.
    • Breakfast. An omelet made with a few eggs and 4 tablespoons of skim milk. A serving of green tea or coffee. A few slices of cold meat are completely lean.
    • Dinner. Vietnamese beef. Homemade low-fat yogurt.
    • afternoon tea. Freeze. A cup of green tea.
    • Dinner. Chicken cooked with garlic. Boiled shrimp.
  2. Day 2
    • Breakfast. Oatmeal with fat-free milk. Cup of coffee or green tea.
    • Dinner. Flat bread made with bran flour. Broth based on chicken.
    • afternoon tea. A glass of kefir with zero fat content.
    • Dinner. Thoroughly boiled eggs. Some mayonnaise according to Dukan's recipe.
  3. Day 3
    • Breakfast. Tea or coffee. A few pieces of turkey ham. Low-fat cream cheese.
    • Dinner. Grilled sea bass with herbs and lemon.
    • afternoon tea. Pink cheesecake.
    • Dinner. Shrimp with herbs. Apricot salad".
  4. 4th
    • Breakfast. Warm green tea and syrniki with low-fat cheese.
    • Dinner. BBQ Chicken. Fat-free yogurt.
    • afternoon tea. Cheese with sugar and herbal tea.
    • Dinner. Fried chicken breast cut into pieces. Olet.
  5. Day 5
    • Breakfast. Coffee or green tea. Oat bran. Fat-free yogurt.
    • Dinner. Mustard cod.
    • afternoon tea. A small amount of crab stick.
    • Dinner. Tea. Cheese casserole.
  6. 6th
    • Breakfast. Tea or coffee. Egg roll. Cream cheese has no fat content.
    • Dinner. Steamed fish. Green trees.
    • afternoon tea. Oat bran cake. Tea.
    • Dinner. Salmon soup.
  7. 7th
    • Breakfast. Tea or coffee. Omelette with curry and mint.
    • Dinner. Slices of bacon. Grilled turkey fillet.
    • afternoon tea. Oat bran biscuits. Lemon juice from ginger and goji berries.
    • Dinner. Skinless fried chicken.

Important! Don't forget to drink. You can drink water, herbs or green tea or coffee without sugar.

It is allowed to add a little sweetener. Should drink green coffee, helps promote weight loss. Drink some sugar-free diet soda, but don't overdo it.


Although safe, there are some contraindications that you should not ignore.

  1. You can not follow the diet if you have kidney or liver problems, metabolism, diseases of the digestive system.
  2. Contraindicated under 18 years of age, patients with gout.
  3. Prohibited for pregnant and lactating women.

Before starting the diet, you should have a complete physical examination. Then consult your doctor and find out individual recommendations for protein diets. And only then, boldly go through all 4 stages of the famous Dukan diet.